10Y Bond Futures chart : US T-Note (CBOT:ZN) German Euro-Bund (EUREX:FGBL) UK Long Gilt (ICEU:R) [Weekly]

US 10-Year Treasury Note Futures (10Y T-Note, CME CBOT: ZN) : Contract Unit: Face value at maturity of $100,000. Price Quotation: Points and fractions of points with par on the basis of 100 points. Minimum Price Fluctuation: One-half of one thirty-second (1/32) of one point ($15.625, rounded to the nearest cent per contract), except for intermonth spreads, where the minimum price fluctuation shall be one-quarter of one thirty-second of one point ($7.8125 per contract). Deliverable.

German 10-Year Euro-Bund Futures (EUREX:FGBL) : Product ID: FGBL. Currency: EUR. Remaining term in years: 8.5 to 10.5. Contract values: EUR 100,000. Settlement: delivery. Price quotation and minimum price change: 0.01 Percent (EUR 10). Last trading day: Two exchange days prior to the delivery day of the relevant maturity month. Contract months: Up to 9 months:The three nearest quarterly months of the March, June, September and December cycle.

UK 10-Year Long Gilt futures (ICEU:R) : UK Long Gilt futures Specifications : Trading Screen Product Name: Long Gilt Future. Trading Screen Hub Name: ICEU. Commodity Code: R. Unit of Trading: £100,000 nominal value notional Gilt with 4% coupon. Quotation: Per £100 nominal. Minimum Price Fluctuation: 0.01 (£10). Maturities: 8 years and 9 months to 13 years. Exchange Delivery Settlement Price: The London market price at 11:00 on the second business day prior to Settlement Day. Delivery Months: March, June, September, December, such that the nearest three delivery months are available for trading. Last Trading Day: Two business days prior to the last business day in the delivery month. On the Last Trading Day, trading in the front delivery month will cease at 11:00. Trading Hours: London 08:00 - 18:00 (pre-open 06:03). New York 03:00 - 13:00 (pre-open 01:03).