ICE Europe: I Three Month Euribor ® Futures (Three Month Euro Future) prices chart

Three Month Euro Future (Three Month Euribor ® Futures) (ICE Futures Europe: I) Contract Specifications
ICE = Intercontinental Exchange, Inc.

Cash settled future based on EMMI EURIBOR rate for three month deposits.

Trading Screen Product Name: Three Month Euro (Euribor) Future
Trading Screen Hub Name: ICEU

Product Code:
(1) Contract Symbol: TFM, MIC Code: IFLL, Clearing Venues: ICEU (2) Clearing Admin Name: STIR Euribor, Physical: I, Logical: I, Symbol Code: I

Unit of Trading: €2,500 * Rate Index
Quotation: 100.00 minus the numerical value of the rate of interest
Minimum Price Fluctuation: 0.005 (€12.50)

Delivery Date: First business day after the Last Trading Day

Delivery Months: March, June, September, December, and four serial months, such that 28 delivery months are available for trading, with the nearest six delivery months being consecutive calendar months

Exchange Delivery Settlement Price: Based on the European Money Markets Institute Euribor Rate (EMMI Euribor) for three month Euro deposits at 11.00 Brussels time (10:00 London time) on the Last Trading Day. The settlement price will be 100.00 minus the EMMI Euribor Rate rounded to three decimal places. Where the EDSP Rate is not an exact multiple of 0.001, it will be rounded to the nearest 0.001 or, where the EDSP Rate is an exact uneven multiple of 0.0005, to the nearest lower 0.001 (e.g. a EMMI Euribor Rate of 4.5225 becomes 4.522).

Algorithm: Central order book applies a gradual time based pro-rata (GTBPR) matching algorithm with priority given to the first order at the best price subject to a minimum order size (collar) and limited to a maximum order size (cap).

Off Exchange Trade Types: Block Trading, Basis Trading

Contract Standard: Cash settlement based on the Exchange Delivery Settlement Price.

NCR, RL and IPL Levels: NCR: 0.10, RL: 0.10, IPL: 0.20, 1 second recalculation and 3 second hold periods.

Last Trading Day: 10.00 - Two business days prior to the third Wednesday of the delivery month

Trading Hours:
New York 20:00 - 17:00 (Pre open: 19:45)
London 01:00 - 21:00 (Pre open: 00:45)
Singapore 08:00 - 05:00 (Pre open: 07:45)