EUREX: FEO1 (1 Month) EONIA Futures prices chart (EONIA = Euro Over Night Index Average)

EONIA Futures (EUREX: FEO1) Contract Specifications
EONIA = Euro Over Night Index Average

EONIA Futures are available for trading in the U.S.

Contract standards: Average rate of the effective overnight reference rate for the euro (EONIA - Euro Over Night Index Average) over a period of time determined by the Eurex Exchanges taking into account the compounded interest effect.

Contract value: EUR 1 million.

Settlement: Cash settlement, payable on the first exchange day following the final settlement day.

Price quotation and minimum price change: The price quotation is in percent, with three decimal places, expressed as 100 minus the traded rate of interest. The minimum price change is 0.005 points, the tick value is EUR 5.83.

Contract months: The current and the four following periods of time determined by the Eurex Exchanges are available for trading at a maximum.

Last trading day and final settlement day: The last trading day is the exchange day preceding the final settlement date. Final settlement day is the last exchange day of the relevant period of time determined by the Eurex Exchanges, provided that on that day the daily effective overnight reference rate for the euro is calculated by the European Money Markets Institute (EMMI); otherwise, the exchange day immediately preceding that day. Close of trading in the maturing futures on the last trading day is at 18:00 CET.

Daily settlement price:
(1) The daily settlement price for the current maturity month of EONIA Futures is derived from the volume-weighted average of the prices of all transactions during the minute before 17:15 CET (reference point), provided that more than five trades transacted within this period.
(2) For the remaining maturity months, the daily settlement price for a contract is determined based on the average bid/ask spread of the combination order book.

Final settlement price: The final settlement price is established by Eurex on the final settlement day after 09:15 CET; based on the compounded average of the effective overnight reference rate for the euro as calculated by the European Central Bank over the accrual period of the futures contract.

Matching of trades (pro rata matching): Orders and quotes are matched according to the principle of pro rata matching, which is exclusively based on the principle of price priority.

Block Trades: Admitted to the Eurex Block Trade Service with a Minimum Block Trade Size of 300 contracts.

Trading Hours:
New York